Do you want an epic Icelandic Adventure?

If you want to tie the knot or want an epic, adventurous photo session in Iceland. Or because you don’t want to end up with up the nose selfies where only one of you is in the photo, or you just want to get professional photos taken so you can remember Iceland forever. Whatever the reason is, I would be more than happy to capture your moments!

Iceland is definitely for nature lovers and for everyone who is not afraid of a little cold, wind and rain, sudden weather change, and would like to experience the raw nature. Iceland is a sensory experience with all its waterfalls, lava fields, black sand beaches, glacial lagoons, geothermal areas, beating winds, the cold Atlantic ocean, and cosmic love.


Elopement and Intimate Weddings?

Getting married just the two of you?I believe less is more when it comes to weddings. Less stress, more love. Elopement and Intimate Wedding coverage varies depending on how you have your day planned.

There are countless ways to personalise the experience, from choosing a secluded and romantic place to read to each other your vows, to planning a small picnic for you and some of your closest friends during the short Icelandic summer time, or going on an epic hike in the highlands where you casually say "I do." 

Being an elopement photographer is a pretty intimate thing. You will be spending the majority of your day with me.

My sessions are all about having fun, making you comfortable, exploring new places and celebrating your love by capturing all those amazing moments in an epic landscape.

Engagement photos?

Wether you are planning to propose your loved one or you recently got engaged just hit me up with an email about your plan! I would love to rendezvous with you to do a short engagement shoot at a naturally beautiful location and immortalise your happiest few hours!

Adventure Session?

Adventure sessions Rock! Whether you and your loved one are married, engaged, just dating, or celebrating your beautiful family, adventure sessions are the perfect opportunity to spend time together and capture your moments at the same time.  

Adventure sessions are bit different than your traditional portrait session. Instead of spending an hour posing in one location, we go on an adventure through nature. The photos you receive are a mix of emotional, romantic images, landscape photos and detail shots that altogether tell the story of our adventure.  

 Sometimes these sessions involve a hike, sometimes a nice walk.