Epic Icelandic Surprise Engagement Session at the red lava recreational park in Reykjavik


Bettina and Patrick

Surprise Engagement Photoshoot | Iceland Photographer

Bettina Vass Photography | Iceland

Need a dose of sweetness today? Look no further than this adorable surprise proposal session in Iceland at the Heiðmörk recreational park.

Patrick booked a standard couple photo session with me. Her girlfriend had no idea what surprises were in store for her.  Originally the plan was to visit the Reykjanes Peninsula and to visit a few different locations there, but unfortunately the weather was not on our side. It was pouring rain and a big blanket of thick fog all over the whole peninsula. We had to come up with another plan. We started to drive towards another location hoping for the rain clouds to pass, but nothing changed and we were driving in crazy heavy rain for an hour. At one point I was about to give up because the weather did not get better at all and I didn’t want Patrick to pop the question in freezing cold, wind and pouring rain.

He contacted me months before the photoshoot and organised everything for Bettina. Even their trip to Iceland was a surprise for her.

I was silently panicking in the car, praying for the help of all Nordic Gods. When we were close to Selfoss (weather was still impossible) I decided to drive back to Reykjavik with Patrick and Bettina. The weather started to slightly clear out and we decided to go to Heiðmörk, which is a beautiful recreational area with unique red lava cliffs.

I still can’t believe but the Gods listened to my desperate pray and we got a beautiful and sunny hour long window for our photoshoot.
Bettina still had absolutely no idea. She still thought we were taking photos to capture a few happy moments of their Iceland trip but the surprise came when Patrick kneeled down and proposed to her! Her reaction was one of the sweetest!

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