Featured on LOOKSLIKEFILM | Icelandic Photographer


Featured on LOOKSLIKEFILM | Icelandic Photographer

I am super honoured to be featured on the LOOKSLIKEFILM website.

LOOKSLIKEFILM is an awesome community of 50.000+ extremely talented photographers around the world which inspires me every day.

The community encourages talent, hard work and empathy, supports women and promotes body positive image. It allows members to share very intimate and personal photographs and stories.

It's a really big step in my photography carrier and I have never been happier!

Thank you so much for the LLF community for the kind words, and liking my picture!

Bettina Vass- Icelandic photographer LOOKSLIKEFILM feature choo choo
Icelandic Photographer featured on LOOKSLIKEFILM Bettina Vass Reykjavik choo choo