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I’m not about the overly posed and scripted shots because let’s be honest, they suck
and you’re better than that. I would much rather let the natural interactions between people speak for themselves. As I like to say I am always looking to get the in-between moments.
There’ll be no awkward and stiff poses. Pinky
promise. It just so happened I brought my camera along + we’re just
hanging out as good friends.

I offer adventure sessions that will not only have amazing views but also a fun and comfortable environment for you and your partner or family to be your true selfs.
I have an intense passion for helping people to connect to themselves and nature.

The epic scenery of Iceland is a huge inspiration for my photography, but a strong connection between two people inspires me more than any cliff or waterfall. I believe that photos should capture emotion, and you should feel something when you look at them.

Iceland is definitely for nature lovers and for everyone who is not afraid of a little cold, wind and rain, sudden weather change, and would like to experience the raw nature. Iceland is a sensory experience with all its waterfalls, lava fields, black sand beaches, glacial lagoons, geothermal areas, beating winds, the cold Atlantic ocean, and cosmic love.


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About Me


Heeeey! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Bettina - I am a natural light photographer based in Reykjavik.
I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary but I have been living in Iceland for almost a decade now.

In terms of photography, my work is less about technicality and posing - it's about relationships, friendship, nostalgia, memories, and personality. It’s forgetting about the world while you explore a new location or your heart beating fast as you read your vows for the first time.

My sessions are all about having fun, making you comfortable, exploring new places and celebrating your love by capturing all those amazing moments in an epic landscape.

It's the raw, in-between moments that give me goosebumps and allow my pictures tell your unique story.

I’ve got a bad case of the travel bug and tend to spend every spare penny on plane tickets so don’t be afraid to reach out no matter where you are!

When I am not behind the camera or the computer screen, you’ll find me snuggling with my cat and boyfriend binge-watching Netflix, cooking and experimenting with all kinds of vegan/ vegetarian food, doing yoga on the bedroom floor, drinking oat milk cappuccino in a local Icelandic coffeehouse, drinking wine with my friends and cracking some inappropriate jokes or planning my next adventure.

So if you have been hangin’ around here for a bit and you’ve seen something that made you smile, hit me up and let’s go make some magic happen!


This is Us


He is Baldur. (yes yes, like the son of the god Odin and the lil bro of Thor the god of thunder) I know it’s super cheesy but this guy is my best friend since I spotted him playing music in a bar downtown Reykjavik. Now he is playing music for me at our home, making delish homemade pizza every Saturday, supports all my crazy adventures and ideas, and even second shoots for me or comes along so you can ask him about if he believes in elves.

Here are a few fun facts about us:

  • We have been building our lives together for 7 years now

  • We have traveled to over 12 countries together

  • We love Italian food and watching Netflix.

  • We are mountain lovers! Especially in love with the Alps.

  • We recently rewatched all the Marvel movies in chronological order

  • We are obsessed with our new family member, Momo the cat who showed up at our window and adopted us

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